Wearebornfree! Empowerment Media Evaluation Assessment 2020:

After successful event coordination, we evaluate our whole project activities, and here we categories into 4 main parts of the final project presentation.

1. Skills sharing platform:

This project has enhanced and empowered us to develop our skills in project and good financial management, like (grant writing, accounting, coordination and internal communication).

Which also includes, improving our personal skills and working knowledge of software, website built, Facebook live videos and our technical skills were much more improved. Most especially in the time of Corona when everything was made online, and in this time we have been using all means of our technical skills to present everything we did. Part of it, documentations were made, we established networks at a professional level; like, our successful cooperation with HAU theater and Goethe Institute, and many more cultural groups/ individuals and writers. It, therefore, helps to develop networking and cultural skills. 

We also feel ownership: free to make decisions, collaborative works, design, and organisational.

2. What have we contributed to society?

This project helps us to build Communities/ bring our diversities and all people came together  as one. We have participated in street and other cultural events, together with the neighbourhood.

The radio provided a space to young DJs to practice their DJing careers and made them visible to the public.

– we provided space to young artists and provided them a platform to perform at our radio channel.

– we opened space and welcomed new ideas independently on the concept of decolonisation and solidarity

– During our events, we were able to handle and corroborate with activists by using the radio space as a meeting point.

– During the radio project we managed very well to integrate our usual radio shows with other artists by conducting book reading in cooperation with other organisations like BulbulBerlin.

-We organized cultural events like DJ Sessions, Book readings, Talkshows that brought in different participants from different angles and backgrounds.

-We documented our work and developed some skills in organising workshops and making good  finance management.

-Developed technical skills like learning how to use digital software like facebook, youtube, google, and music software.

Food and music are a big part of our culture by bringing people together based on our diversities. The example in the corona pandemic, we have made several events with food, bringing more than 50 people, both locals and peers in a safe space with Corona hygiene rules including 1.5 meter distances. 

Vulnerable population finds it as a safe space whenever there is an event, they all participate.

3. Opportunities for the artists and guests:

As we have stated on our Project description that “Wearebornfree! Empowerment Media will organize three public events to celebrate and share the results of the technical workshops, encourage peers to network and present our cultural works” in this regards, we have organized some events were we have invited djs, artists and activists to be given space to practice and share their artistic works and daily experiences with us and the audiences. 

Part of the events were the Dj Collabo Event, which was staged by 12 great, diverse, talented professional and non-professional DJs and artists. A public event was also held, which was titled “Wearebornfree! Cultural Event, which was also attended by more than 50 audiences, hosted a fashion designer activist for Young Africans Art Market(YAAM), and a young Gambian refugee activist on the radio for 3 hours talk show on live broadcasted on air. And the event ends with a stage of a young African reggae artist featured by two other young African reggae artists.

There was food sharing and the atmosphere was fun and the participants were very happy. And we have also hosted a limited public and unlimited online book reading, that was broadcasted live on the radio and streamed on Facebook. In this book reading we have invited several writers, poets, artists and activists to share their work and experiences with us and the audiences.

4. Working at times in Corona. How were we facilitated?

In Corona times, our organisation skills increased. More online activities were practiced. It has increased our communication skills in the team and sharing with others. As all the above mentioned events came acts of radio programmes and Facebook live streamings. Our internal and external workshops were fed into the same procedures. We collaborated with (HAU) Hebbel am Ufer Berlin for 10 days online radio programs and limited physical attendance by audiences.