De-Europeanization and De-Westernization of Africa.
It’s time for us to focus on De-Westernization of Africa and our minds. This mindset, false perceptions and illusions of Europe from Africans, most especially the youths should come to an end. Of course it’s colonial, imposed and left over, but after thousands or hundreds year’s now and evolution, it’s right now and urgent to make a stop and abolish those mindsets from our minds. Mindset and believe that Africa is not, and cannot be great, without sampling ourselves to Europe, by actions, mindsets, behaviour, look and every single way of doing things.
In Africa we have our norms, values, our own lives completely different from the Western life, our cultures and our own interior, despite the history and its destruction. Therefore, I see no reason why we can’t still stick to those above mentioned and realize that these are what we have for us and that’s what we’ve to sample and live with, without looking onto what is being performed, practice and build on that other continent, mostly Europe and America.
Example from where I come from the Gambia, one is not a a great, wise, intellectual, brilliant, smart, beautiful, rich or well settled, if he or she is not samplify with a European or American (Europeanize or Westernize) that’s what we called in our own languages; Mr/Mrs. X is a (Tubabo) because he/she is gentle or he/she is smart, or he/she is rich or he or she is Beautiful. Such are things told and believed by our own people, making Ourselves as (Black people) and Africa looks Inferior and making Europe or America look superior that in Africa life is not value, worth or reasonable to make in as a youth or a person in general without either struggling and Sacrifice your life for Europe or put your illusions for making a life through Europe and America, while that believe and illusions we’ve for those Continents are we ourselves living in Africa and her interiors.
What we’ve to know and put in mind is that Africa can never ever gain what it has lost for Europe and America.
Lets see if Europe could forcibly loot African objects and keep them in their facilities, and that should be diplomacy discuss, to a point where France had to debate in order to return those just a piece out of them, while Germany and other countries are still under discussion and initiative pressure to return them back, which do not even need to discussed neither to disagree. Then all these could tell how Africa can never ever gain back all what it has lost for Europe and America. Among them are human resources, natural resources, artefacts, knowledge and many more… etc……
African and Black values should be thoroughly dignified in all aspects, economically, politically, socially, culturally and spiritually. Unless and until are seeing and taken into our own ways and norms, things shall never ever change and shall never be the way they used to be. Which is causing youths to perish for nothing that is worth, black people losing their dignity where we go, Africa losing her values for perpetrators.
In conclusion, work needs to be done by all parties, start with ourselves, diasporas, governments, stakeholders and international community of not to neglect African youths everyday and night perish in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean, because who knows among these who could become what and for the the continent or the world in large.