What Is Racism? 

A definition: the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Secondly, racism is, “Discrimination or prejudice based on race”

Racism is an ugly word that has been around as long as humankind itself. Racism actually can be broken down into two distinct definitions:

On the one hand it simply means that groups of people are defined by their inherent differences (skin color, culture, appearance) and that, because of these differences, one group is seen to be better than the other.

The second definition of racism is the unfair treatment of others based solely on these differences. Throughout history, humankind has treated others with contempt and committed atrocities upon them just because of the color of their skin or the culture from which they come.


When slavery and colonialsm was practiced in the United States,Saudi Arabia and Europe, blacks were not only considered inferior to whites but regarded as property instead of human beings.



Is the recognition and understanding of the difference between one race and another.

Could be define into this categories: Unfairness, Inequality, differentiation, and Distinction.

Discrimination against refugees is everyday increasing especially to the people of color such as black people, from Africa, living in the western lands.

We are simply easy to be discriminate, of what ever bad or wrong happen in the society especially where we live more.They will point fingers on us of committing that, without even asking or confirming it first.

Because of nothing but our race, nationality, and cultural background.

So this shows us that everyday racism and discrimination is always on top of our heads and as far as we are living here in the Western countries, especially in Europe we will be always being confronted with it.
Either from our body languages with the community, Bureaucratic systems from the Authourities such as the Immigration offices, from the securities such as police, from the Employment departments, and also from the Educational institutions.

Sadly, racism in the form of discrimination persists in society also. A case in point is that blacks have traditionally suffered from higher rates of unemployment than whites.

Black unemployment is often nearly twice as high as the white unemployment rate. Do blacks simply not take the initiative that whites do to find work? Studies indicate that, in actuality, discrimination contributes to the black-white unemployment gap.

Lets see one another as one people but just different colors, without any criticism of ones race, nationality, religion, gender, orientation and status. Break distinction between us, be fair to each other and no differentiation.