A report of racial profiling by the German police…

I was passing by the park, suddenly I saw 3 police vans, with bunch of police. Then I was stopped and asked to put my bicycle to the side, I took my hands put of my jacket and raised them.

I asked: Why?

The policeman told me: We are on a general control.

I responded: General control, but why are you not stopping other people passing by, why only are you only stopping blacks for control?

Police: We doing it because black people are the ones selling drugs, and committing crimes here.

Me: But I’m not dealing with drugs, neither committing crimes, I have been living here for 3 years now, coming here and chilling like the way others chill who are a different race from me, but always when there are police, you always approach the blacks without controlling others. But I’m not surprised, I’m expecting this always, because I’m black and I’m criminalized.

Police: Nooo that’s not true, Don’t say that

Me: Of course that’s true and I am gonna say that again.

I was checked every where, inside my wallet, inside my bag every single hole and from my jacket and my body. Then my phone was collected, they found two phones with me.

Police: why do you have two phones?

Me: That’s not your concern, I deal with my phones. The small phone with Lyca communication and the smart phone for internet and calls, so you shouldn’t ask me of why am having two phones.

Police: Unlock your phone!

Me: For what reason?

Police: To know if it’s a stolen phone or not

Me: Okay so am I not able to buy this phone by my self?

Police: No we’re going to control and if it’s not stolen, we give you back. Do you know anyone here or you know what they are doing here?

Me: every one here is my brother, because they are Africans, and the same time blacks being criminalized including myself as a black.

Police: But do you know what are they doing here?

Me : I don’t care what they doing, but I know that they hangout to chill as the same as how the other races chill. But always police control and criminalize them, because of our race and background.

At the end they gave me my Ausweis and the telephone.

Police: have your phone and Ausweis.

Me: Is it a stolen phone or not?

Police: No every thing is fine, you can go now or stay if you want to.

Me: No I’m going to stay here as normal as the others staying around.

Police: Okay then have a nice day

Me: you too and have a happy black control day, because that’s always your mission here, but as I said it’s never a surprised, because that’s how we the blacks recognised ourselves like that…….racial profiling by police.