My dear human beings, before we waste our time of critising and talking against migration and refugees.

Let’s think twice who are they and what are they bringing into our society?

There are millions positive ideas and deeds which they brought and are contributing into our society.

Part of them Socially, economically and culturally.

Going deep into it:

#Socially: These human beings were living in a very rich and develop social life, and since they’re here, they will and are ready to share that social life interaction into their societies.

#Economically: These people came with their skills, talents and intellectual idea’s, so if they’re given chances to utilize these, How many millions and billions are they going to contribute to the economic, also into labour market.

#Culturally: These people where born and raised into a very rich and inspiring cultures and traditions, that they inherited, which they would like to share from their warmly hearted beings.
So if these people are given chances and channels of integration into the society.

How many people’s are going to learn and benefit from those rich amazing culture’s and traditions.

So my advice to the warmly hearted human beings is that, let’s open our hearts and arms to these people’s with such amazing gifts into our societies in order for us to be well credited and also the younger generation coming after us, by tackling #Racism,#Nationalism and #Patriotism.

Equal rights and justice for everyone!!

Peace love and unity.