My dear fellow humans,brothers and sisters in this world,at this pointing time of writing this text am already dropping tears,its very shocked,sad,heartbreaking,emphatic and incredible of whats applying to my fellow African brothers and sisters in Libya at this moment.

I cant still believe if such thing could still exist or apply in human society, in this 21st century,but it was also not a big surprise to me since i have also passed through it in few years ago.
A modern slave market for black Africans,being kidnap and sell in a very high price,which is unaffordable to pay,if not they rape,torture,shock by electric,burn to death, shot by gun and kill alive which are the consequences.

These are innocent peoples who among them are victims of wars and prosecutions from their home countries,finding the way to have a stable and peacefully living,while some of them were driven away by poverty in order to find a way of having a better live for themselves and including their families back home.

And its very pity that its carried out by our fellow African brotherly country,why?Just simply because they are “blacks” and poor.

Where is African Union,European Union,Arabic States and Human Right Watches,black Africans perishing and disappearing in the North-African Countries,without no one caring and talking about it,also perishing and disappearing in the North-Africans territory or coasts which is the mediterranean sea without no one caring about it,simply because they are “Blacks”.

Libya is a living hell for black African migrants, where no one can longer survive with peace of mind and comfortable.

The same time the so-called European nations closing their borders,and turning the ships back to the Libyan militias groups to kill them all,without accepting them, in the eyes of Humanitarian level.

Seeing and knowing of all whats happening to the Black migrants in Libya,but they collaborating and making deals with them to stop them from coming.

Within these years Northern Africa developed into a transit region for sub-Saharan migrants.The new migration pattern, its policy response by the Maghreb and European states, as well as its negative; side effects;on the black migrants concerned. And the actual number of migrants living in transit in northern Africa is difficult to estimate. Most of them are irregulars and without papers, mostly living under bad and miserable conditions without being treat as human being, in an Arabic Xenophobic social environment which is not seen and said.

As part of my own experience with many of my fellow Sub-Saharan migrants who passed through Libya considered ourselves being treated as slaves and with humiliations,poor wretches, or subhuman beings .And we are not certainly welcomed neither by the society or state.

You would never believe until you see how human beings are going through in Libya Much especially Black Africans,a 21st century holocaust which is not seen and talk by the public,unless those who face and experience it.

Therefore i am among those who have seen,gone through experienced and know it,thats why i wrote this text from my own idea which i know and gone through.

Finally i urge world leaders,much especially the AU, U.N and the Human right watch, to quickly take a step to break this modern,Human slave trade chain,and make a quick stop to it as soon as possible.


This is what we need and this is what we fighting for!!!!!!!!!!!

BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!